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Get the Most Out of Your Vegetable Gardens

Get The Most Out Of Your Vegetable Garden

Ever try to grow a vegetable garden, but not get the ideal results? Gardening is tricky and success boils down to many different elements, most importantly tender loving care and attention. Another element that may improve the yields of your vegetable (and fruit) gardens is laying down mulch. Consider using mulch to help your vegetable […]

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Will Mulch Attract Termites?

Does Mulch Attract Termites?

Consumers and homeowners have long been concerned about whether their beautifully mulched flower beds will attract termites and other bugs. If this is you, do not worry. Mulch is not a termite magnet. In fact, some mulch varieties are actually bug-resistant.

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How To Spread Your Mulch

How Should You Lay Out Your Mulch?

Mulch can seem like an afterthought when you are planning out your next landscaping projects. Garden beds are shaped and the plants are picked often before mulch is considered. Mulch isn’t only aesthetically pleasing, it also has many benefits for the plants in your garden when it is spread out properly. Mulch can be bug […]

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What is IPEMA Certified Playground Mulch?

What IPEMA Mulch Means For You and Your Kids

Not all mulches are created equal. Each one has different characteristics that serve a purpose. IPEMA mulch is proven to be kid-safe, and because of this, you will find it mostly on public playgrounds. Here is what IPEMA mulch means and why it matters.

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