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bald cypress tree in swamp gaston mulch

Cypress Mulch: The Good, The Bad, and The Alternative

Cypress mulch is any mulch made from the wood of bald cypress or pond cypress trees. While these trees are relatively hardy and can adapt to a wide range of soil types, they are most commonly found in the swamps of Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and the Carolinas.  Cypress trees were a very important […]

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Fall Leaves: Stop Raking and Start Mulching

It’s that time of year again, the temperatures are dropping and the foliage is falling off the trees. If your lawn is like most lawns in North Florida and has a mix of deciduous trees like elm, sweetgum, maple, and laurel oaks, you are likely to have a ton of extra leaves on the ground […]

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How Much Mulch Do I Need?

There’s no denying that a fresh application of mulch is arguably the cheapest way to increase curb appeal and make any yard or landscape look remarkably better. Not to mention all of the benefits mulch adds to your plants and soil. So why don’t more homes and businesses have beautifully mulched yards and gardens? Well, […]

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weed seedling peeking up through mulch

Can Mulch Stop Weeds? Using Mulch as a Barrier for Weeds.

Life finds a way even when we don’t want it to sometimes. Weeds are the bane of every landscaper’s existence because they’re just so darn persistent. Using harsh chemicals seems like an easy solution but they can prove fruitless, expensive, and dangerous for the environment as well as those around you.  To avoid these complications […]

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