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NOTICE: Over the coming weeks, Griffis Lumber will be rebranding as Gaston Mulch & Soil. See our recent blog for more information.

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rich topsoil in child's garden bed

How We Make Compost and Topsoil

When Gaston’s Tree Service started in 1972, the business’s sole focus was on tree trimming and tree removal.  Over time we began to develop a significant amount of recycled tree debris. Then, in the late 1980s, Florida passed the George Kirkpatrick Recycling bill which made everything we were doing to manage that debris, illegal.  It […]

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Gaston Mulch and Soil Logo

Griffis Lumber To Become Gaston Mulch and Soil

  Griffis Lumber announced today that it will be rebranding to Gaston Mulch & Soil. The new name and brand presence better characterize the company’s current product offering.  Griffis Lumber was founded in 1955 and has provided quality lumber products for over 65 years. Purchased in October 2013 by the Gaston Companies, the rebrand to […]

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Florida friendly landscape marie selby botanical gardens

How to Create a Florida Friendly Landscape

Florida is well known for its rather inhospitable environment. From sandy soils to blazing heat, to the perfect climate for bugs and other pests, Florida can be a tough place to start a garden or maintain your yard. Pair this with the fact that many people are unaware of the types of plants that grow […]

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Choose the right amount of mulch for your project

Choosing the Right Amount of Mulch for Your Project

Mulch or chips are a great addition to any landscaping project. They can be used as a decoration for your plant bed and insulate the plants in your garden. Mulch also decreases weed growth, helps insulate soil temperatures to prevent moisture evaporation from the surface (especially in Florida’s summer heat), and improves nutrient density in […]

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